Painfree Creme 10g

Painfree® Lidocain 11% stands out as one of the strongest and most effective numbing creams available on the market. Its high quality and gentle properties have contributed to the widespread acceptance of our Painfree® cream. Today, it is recommended by thousands of tattoo artists to use Painfree® cream before procedures to alleviate discomfort. Therefore, investing in Painfree® creams before your next session is a wise idea.

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With Painfree, you get an extremely effective water-based local anesthetic cream that is gentle on your skin. Specifically developed to alleviate pain during procedures such as tattooing, permanent makeup, and laser treatment, Painfree provides relief for 4-6 hours.Painfree cream is your go-to local anesthetic for tattoos, piercings, or any cosmetic procedure. For optimal results, apply the cream approximately 45-60 minutes before the treatment, and experience effective numbness in the desired area. This means you can undergo your tattoo or similar procedures without the usual discomfort associated with these processes.Painfree offers effective and gentle pain relief for various cosmetic treatments. Give Painfree a try; it’s not just a new product but has been produced by the lab for over 12 years, serving numerous European brands. With its unique and potent formula, Painfree ensures a pain-free treatment, whether it’s tattooing, laser, or any other cosmetic procedure.

*How Does Painfree Work?*

Painfree is a local anesthetic cream highly effective against external pain. Local anesthesia works by temporarily numbing the nerves, preventing pain signals from reaching the brain, rendering the skin numb. The onset of the numbing effect depends on when you apply Painfree and where. It works faster on eyebrows and lips than on a leg or arm.Unlike traditional local anesthesia administered with a needle, Painfree eliminates the need for needles. It’s a simple cream that you can apply before leaving home, numbing the area of the skin to be treated. Ensure application on clean, undamaged skin, and check for allergies to any of Painfree’s active ingredients.

*How Much Painfree Should You Use?*

While detailed instructions accompany your purchase, a general guideline is that for a small tattoo or a single laser treatment, one tube is usually sufficient. If covering a larger area, ensure you have an ample supply of Painfree to avoid surprising your tattoo artist with sudden discomfort. Always use plenty of Painfree emergency cream and cover it with film to prevent drying out—household film works well for this purpose.Always follow the instructions provided in the guide. Painfree cream is for external use only, and adherence to this is crucial for a pain-free and easy treatment, without unnecessary discomfort.

*Painfree is an Economical Choice.*

If you’ve tried various numbing creams before, you may have noticed they can be costly. One significant advantage of Painfree is its affordability – a budget-friendly anesthetic cream available at a highly favorable price. The more tubes you buy, the greater the savings, making Painfree an economically sound choice for pain relief during your next tattoo or laser treatment. Can you ask for more?

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