Painless tattoo & cosmetic treatments

Painless tattoo & cosmetic treatments

Whatever treatment you have to undergo, one thing in particular that many people fear is pain. And a fervent desire to be free of pain.

If you want to be pain-free almost every time you go to a tattoo artist or laser treatment and want a solution here and now, read the FAQ about anaesthetic creams & local anaesthetic of the skin.

Are you going for a cosmetic treatment such as laser, have you booked an appointment for a tattoo or permanent makeup? We’ve put together some useful tips in this guide:

Because pain and the perception of pain varies from person to person, some can’t stand the thought of the pain associated with needles, others experience great pain when getting tattoos, while others have a short pain threshold with laser treatments, where some take the pain in stride, with the thought of: No pain, no game.

Our pain thresholds are as varied and different as human beings, as we all have individual perceptions of what pain is and when pain occurs.

We’ve collected a lot of advice you can use before you go for tattoo, cosmetic treatments, or piercings.

Make sure you get a good night’s sleep the day before your treatment so you are fresh and rested. Your body and mind will be in a much better position to do well when your body and mind are healthy.

Eat well in the days leading up to treatment to replenish your body’s energy stores. It is also recommended to eat a good meal before the treatment, so that the body has an easier time keeping the salt and sugar balance.

A good way to keep salt and sugar in balance is to eat a lot of fruit, especially fruit that is high in vitamin C. Vitamin C strengthens the immune system, which will help the healing process.

In addition to a good meal before the treatment, it is a good idea to bring some food and drink, especially if the treatment is going to last for a long time.

Sweets and chocolate are good ingredients to ensure that you do not go cold during the course/treatment.

Fruits like bananas and chocolate milk are good proteins to keep the body full and maintain sugar balance. Bananas and chocolate milk are used by people who train hard to keep their bodies intact after exercise. If you work out a lot, read here about how to work out with a new tattoo

You can also buy soft drinks, which help to keep blood sugar levels stable during treatment. The advantage of soft drinks is that it is easy to consume when lying down, for example.

Already the day before you are due for treatment.

Instead, keep your fluid balance in order by drinking at least 2 litres of water a day (preferably in the days leading up to).

Alcohol dilutes the blood, so tattooists advise against consuming alcohol and caffeine before treatments.

By keeping fluid levels high, you can keep your skin moisturised, which helps the body to better withstand the stress of treatment.

If you are getting a tattoo, a good fluid balance will keep the moisture in the skin, which contributes to the body being more receptive to the ink.

Bring entertainment material, this can be, audio books, music, books or movies. It’s a good way to take your mind off the treatment itself.

There are a number of pain-relieving creams on the market and they are gaining popularity because of their pain-relieving effect, which helps a lot of people.

Magic cream, no pain, Painfree, numbing cream, local anesthetic cream for the skin are just a few names that can be mentioned, because the dear child has many names.

For Painfree creams, which help relieve the pain associated with cosmetic treatments, such as laser, permanent makeup, tattoos and visits to dentists use local anesthetic creams.

For the statement; No pain, no game is today a choice one can make, for the question is: why go through a period of pain when you can avoid it and still come out with the same good result?

The above is one of the reasons for the growing popularity pain-relieving creams have gained in recent years.

Magic cream or local anaesthetic cream is effective for pain that comes via external treatments, such as tattoos, lasers and piercings. Local anaesthetic cream works by numbing the nerves for a limited period of time, which prevents you from feeling pain.

The magic cream prevents the pain signals from reaching your brain and therefore your skin becomes what is called numb.

Difference between the cream and local anaesthesia with needles.Local anaesthesia with needles is most often used in the doctor’s office or hospital for minor surgical procedures where general anaesthesia is not necessary. Neither tattooing nor certain cosmetic treatments require local anaesthesia with needles, as these treatments are not considered medical procedures. Getting tattoos, undergoing laser treatment or permanent makeup are non-medical treatments where the best local anaesthetic on the skin can be achieved via magic creams.

The amount of painfree cream you need depends on where on your body the cream is applied and how large an area you want to cover. But a good rule to remember is: always apply plenty of Painfree numbing cream well in advance of treatment.

Because there is a difference in the time before the effect of the local anaesthetic cream can be felt and work.

You can read more about the time Painfree takes to work, on individual parts of the body via our time table here.

Local anaesthetic cream should be applied directly to the area of skin to be treated. It is important that the skin area is clean and free of damage.
It is recommended to cleanse the skin by removing dead skin cells via a natural green soap, which is fragrance-free and paraben-free.

It is very important that the local anaesthetic cream does not dry out. To avoid drying out, wrap the skin area in film to keep it airtight and prevent dirt from settling in the moist cream.

As with many other products, such as hair dyes that have active ingredients, it is recommended to do a little testing to make sure you don’t get allergic reactions from the products. The same recommendation applies to pain-relieving creams, as they have active ingredients.

Painfree comes with instructions, which are written in the instructions included in the packaging. Always follow the instructions and remember that Painfree cream is for external use only and cannot be used for any other purpose.

With proper use, at the right time, you can look forward to a pain-free treatment, without unnecessary pain, when you need tattooing, laser or cosmetic treatment.

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