Who is Painfree?

Anyone that has had a tattoo done or went through the removal of one, knows how painful it can be. There is nothing pleasant about pain and unfortunately it’s just a reality we have to deal with when changing or altering our image. Body modifications and cosmetic treatments cost blood, sweet, and tears. Luckily in our decade anesthetic creams have left ‘pain’ in the past. Painfree anesthetic cream has helped thousands of people make body altering treatments a breeze.

Guaranteed painless treatments:

When choosing a numbing cream it is most important to find a cream that is effective enough to last through the majority of your session. Whether it’s a laser treatment or skin underneath a tattoo gun. The last thing you want is the unpleasant surprise that the numbing effectiveness lasted a lot less long than your session. Painfree guarantees satisfaction and has effectively helped many customers numb skin that is being treated, helping you lose the sense of touch while comfortably getting a procedure done. Painfree helps with everything from tattoos and permanent makeup.

Our customers can rejoice in the confidence that our cream is not only a comfortable way to handle pain, it is also a product that is developed in an experienced and transparent laboratory. Painfree has a track record of 12 years, this experience has helped develop numbing creams and after care creams that will proudly bring pain relief for years to come.

Rated Best choice in Europe and North America:

Painfree, without doubt is one of the leading brands in its category. It has been among the leading anesthetic creams in Denmark, Germany, USA, and Canada. As a tested product with extremely effective results. Painfree, has branded itself as one of the most recommended numbing solutions for tattooists and cosmetic specialists across Europe and North America. 

Say goodbye to ‘pain’ and get yourself in the mood for a comfortable experience.

We take our commitment to painfree solutions seriously. When it comes to ensuring customer satisfaction and referrals. We absolutely make sure that you will receive it within a few days, preventing complaints. With this in mind our friendly staff is always ready to help you.

So if you want the best possible treatment and use of the best possible anesthetic cream, than Painfree is your go-to! No pain No gain! is a saying of the past! You can share your new experiences with friends and challenge sceptics! Tattoo sessions with effective pain relief will help you finish the tattoo you have been holding off on.

Pain relief cream – it works!

Our anesthetic cream is an extremely effective way to reduce the irritation of pain. Painfree, gets rid of discomfort associated with tattooing, laser removals, permanent make-up, and piercing procedures. Simply apply our cream to the desired area, 45-60 minutes prior to your appointment.

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